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 Hello, My name is Sarah Ibrahim Dixon 

anyone that knows me personally can assure you of this passion I've always had for cooking. As a second generation descendent to immigrants who came over from Egypt, I take tremendous pride in our culture with our food being at the top of the list.

 My story: I was working at a resort and wanted to introduce my love for cooking with guests. That's when I created my "Egyptian Cooking Demonstration." Everyone that participated in this event were amazed, curious, or just wanted to experience new food.

For about 4 years of doing these cooking demos I noticed that customers were really intrigued. So, I decided to create my own business and bring my love for Egyptian food into your own home.

If your not interested in the demonstration, you can certainly get your event catered for a reasonable price.


How it Works


Egyptian food can be made for vegans, vegetarians & meat lovers. 

If your having a party and really want to entertain your guests, my live "Egyptian Cooking Demonstration & Catering" could be a great way to add something new for your next event. 

I promise you won't be disappointed.  


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 Learn how to make Egyptian food. 

Family recipes with a twist!

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